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Professional Medical Billing Services that keep your Practice Running

Do you spend hours putting together healthcare information for a claim? Do you pay thousands of dollars in salaries to have in-house medical billing specialists on your team? Is your accounts receivable a nightmare because most of your denied claims rarely get handled to ensure proper reimbursement? If you find yourself nodding, let Medesun save the financial well-being of your practice.

Medesun medical billing solutions revolve around optimized billing workflows at the most granular levels. When we get down to managing your claims, we call upon certified billers, coders, and quality control specialists for error-free submission and swift reimbursement. For this, we also rely on proven software that can be integrated with the systems you use across your medical setting.

What do Medesun Medical Billing Services Include?

We help you sustain your practice by getting paid for every service you provide and minimizing late payments. By leaving your medical billing to Medesun, you can keep your focus on other crucial operations while we deal with all your electronic and paper claims, including:

  • prioritizing and preparation
  • submission
  • resubmission
  • payment collection

Our medical billing specialists will communicate with the insurance companies you’re working with to handle denied claims. Our expertise enables us to create superbills and dig deep into rejections to make necessary corrections and resubmit them right off the bat.

Aside from insurers, Medesun is your helper for communication with your patients. We can review their records to red-flag missing or overdue payments and collect them before they take a toll on your practice budget. Our team is adept at follow-up processes at all levels while sending weekly patient statements and keeping stakeholders up to date on payment-related information.

No more billing errors

At Medesun, we can take care of your medical billing online, or more specifically, remotely. That’s how you can save a great deal of money on hiring and training in-house billers.

But this is only the beginning. We can help you steer clear of costly billing errors like missing payments and unhandled rejections to:

  • ensure you get paid on time and in full
  • build a consistent revenue flow across your medical business
  • help you comply with billing requirements
  • improve your A/R with the best medical billing practices
  • strengthen the financial stability of your practice
  • Don’t look any further for the best service for medical billing management. Contact Medesun to discuss how our billers can help your practice.