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Get HL7, PAHM & ICD-10 and HIPAA Training as One package

If you're an IT professional or a certified medical coder willing to prove your coding proficiency, we have got an excellent offer tailored to your needs! This is your opportunity to sign up for the American healthcare IT package comprising PAHM & ICD-10, HL7, and HIPAA online training courses. Get ready for three certifications with the best industry experts.

Key components of the HL7, PAHM & ICD-10, and HIPAA basics training package

This healthcare certification package includes the following components:

  • Health Level Seven (HL7) Certification Training When studying this course, you will get into the HL7 messaging standard (version 2.7) while learning messages, documents, master files, controlled vocabularies, entity registries, etc.
  • ICD-10 training It's a perfect fit for newbies who have just started learning coding fundamentals, as well as for professional coders who want to improve their code sets knowledge and get additional CEUs.
  • HIPAA course. HIPAA training will provide you with comprehensive information about HIPAA basics, compliance, and cybersecurity best practices.
  • PAHM training. Earning this credential helps you demonstrate to clients, co-workers, and employers your deep understanding of healthcare management and ethical and legal issues affecting the healthcare industry.

Why Medesun is the right choice for cheap HIPAA compliance training

We are industry-leading experts in HIPAA certification training, and we aim to make it stress-free, accessible, affordable, and efficient for all course participants.

We know how tiresome and time-consuming preparation for any exam can be. That;s why we have gathered the essential information you will need for your professional offline and online HIPAA training.

When you enroll in this course, you:

  • Get lectures and best practices from our HIPAA experts.
  • Study plenty of easy and understandable training resources.
  • Stay engaged thanks to highly interactive lessons.
  • Save time and money and make a breakthrough in your career with our accelerated courses.
  • Are free to choose between online and offline learning formats.
  • Get timely phone and email support during the HL7, PAHM & ICD-10, and professional HIPAA training for employees.
  • Study training materials from any device and at your own pace (in case of online learning)

While mastering all aspects of HL7, PAHM & ICD-10, and HIPAA exams, you will find the right resources, best practices, and valuable tips to help you answer exam questions correctly.

If you want to take a material search burden off your back and rely on professionals while preparing for your certification exams, drop us a line.

Contents & Schedule

Please make note that HL7 training offered by Medesun is NOT recognized by HL7.org. Training is offered by Dr Santosh Guptha, Certified HL7 Specialist to help the professionals in HL7 implementation.

Will teach you how clinical workflow translates to dataflow, and how applications use the HL7 language to move information properly from one system to another. You’ll gain the ability to read and troubleshoot HL7 interface data messages-including how to use the HL7 standards and external coding systems to properly populate and look up data codes.

For More Info E-mail : drg@medesun.com