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ICD-10 AnalystTM Certification Holder Exam

ICD-10 AnalystTM Certificate is appropriate for Medical Coders, Medical Billers, Billing Company Owners, AR Analysts and those who are interested in choosing Revenue cycle management as a career option.

Exam Fees: $299(PLUS Taxes)

Pass Score: 80%

Sponsored by: ICD-10 Coders Academy

ICD-10 ConsultantTM Certification Holder Exam

ICD-10 ConsultantTM Certificate Holder is a test of combination of analytical skills as well as professional ability to use and understand the ICD-10 in its entirety including migration from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and its implementation in health plans, hospitals, and physician office settings. This is the highest level of ICD-10 competency. Most consultants who take the ICD-10 Consultation Certification are planning to lead the migration and implementation projects at various settings and levels. In addition, many payers, healthcare providers, and facilities use ICD-10 Consultant TMCertificate as a proof of knowledge for their projects.

This certificate is most appropriate for Healthcare Consultants, Software Consultants, EMR/EHR Consultants, Coding Auditors, and HIM Directors.

Exam Fees: $299(PLUS Taxes)

Pass Score: 80%

Sponsored by: ICD-10 Coders Academy

  • At a discounted price of $425.00
  • This cost includes: Membership to AMBA, CMRS Exam
  • and Study Guide. Retail cost is $625.00

The current year’s HCPCS, CPT-4, and ICD-9 Code Books are needed to take the exam. The AMBA offers a CMRS Study Guide. Purchasing the guide is optional but recommended because 80% of the exam is taken from the study guide.

Rules and Requirements:

  • To take the exam and keep the CMRS credential up to date one has to be a member of the AMBA.
  • One has a 45 day time period to complete the exam once enrolled.
  • One must score an 85% or higher overall to receive a passing score on the exam.
  • Upon passing the exam, one is awarded the CMRS designation and mailed a certificate suitable for framing.
  • One is required to earn 15 continuing education units (CEUs) each year to maintain the CMRS certification along with a membership to AMBA.

Fifty percent of your annual CEUs must come through the Association.

Two retest will be allowed, after a 30 day waiting period

Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists (CMRS) are skilled in facilitating the claims paying process from the time a service is rendered by a health care provider until the balance is paid.

The CMRS is knowledgeable in ICD9, CPT4 and HCPCS Coding, Medical Terminology, Insurance claims and billing, appeals and denials, fraud and abuse, HIPAA, OIG Compliance, information and web technology, reimbursement, and much more. CMRS Billers play a critical role in a health care provider’s daily business operations.