CHIM® Medical Coding India

Your premier destination for advancing your career in the dynamic field of Medical Coding in India through our esteemed CHIM® (Certified Health Information Management) certification. Tailored exclusively for the Indian healthcare system, CHIM® stands at the forefront of medical coding and health information management education.

India's Healthcare Infrastructure at a Glance

India boasts a robust healthcare infrastructure, consisting of 43,486 private hospitals, 1.18 million beds, 59,264 ICUs, and 29,631 ventilators. The public sector complements this with 25,778 hospitals, over 713,986 beds, 35,700 ICUs, and 17,850 ventilators. This expansive infrastructure, with private facilities accounting for nearly 62% of the total, underscores the critical need for skilled Health Information Management (HIM) professionals. With more than 100,000 HIM positions needed, the CHIM® course is designed to meet this growing demand by generating employment for thousands of trained and certified professionals in both rural and urban healthcare centers.

Why CHIM®?
  • 1. Employment Generation : Our objective is to unlock vast employment opportunities for Certified HIM Professionals, significantly impacting the healthcare landscape across India.
  • 2. Rising Demand in Health Insurance : As health insurance sees a surge in demand, the need for proficient HIM professionals follows suit, further broadening the scope for CHIM® certified individuals.
  • 3. Standardized Health Information Management : The CHIM® certification ensures the adoption of consistent health information management practices across all health entities, facilitating improved data analysis and healthcare outcomes.
The Crucial Role of Certified Medical Coders

In India's evolving healthcare system, certified medical coders play a pivotal role. The adoption of e- Claims, propelled by documents from NHA-IRDAI, necessitates the use of ICD-10 for diagnostic coding and ICD-10-PCS for procedural coding. The move towards accurate medical coding is essential for effective auto adjudication and managing fraud, waste, and abuse. The implementation of ICD-11 for diagnosis coding and ICHI for interventions under PMJAY-Ayushman Bharat further emphasizes the indispensability of medical record coding for compliance, data analytics, and informatics. This creates a substantial demand for skilled medical coders proficient in ICD-10 and ICD-11.

CHIM® Certification: Your Pathway to Excellence

The CHIM® certification is uniquely designed for the Indian healthcare system, providing an unparalleled opportunity to become a leader in health information management. By joining our CHIM® course, you're not just enhancing your skill set; you're stepping into a realm of immense professional growth, stability, and contribution to the betterment of healthcare in India.

Dive into the world of Medical Coding with MedesunGlobal.com and emerge as a certified health information management professional, ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of India's healthcare sector. Join us in our mission to elevate the standards of healthcare information management across the nation.