CHIM® Medical Coding India

Your premier destination for advancing your career in the dynamic field of Medical Coding in India through our esteemed CHIM® (Certified Health Information Management) certification. Tailored exclusively for the Indian healthcare system, CHIM® stands at the forefront of medical coding and health information management education.

CHIM®Job Roles
  • Accomplish allocated task related to Health Information/Data Management
  • Understand and ensure completeness of Data Generated in healthcare entities like hospitals/nursing home etc
  • Ensure completeness of health insurance related data
  • Ensure Data Privacy and Security
  • Perform Medical Coding as per Standards and guidelines

The following content is taught to CHIM® students: Basic concepts of Health Information Management and advanced medical coding. Upon completing their training and assessment, CHIM® students receive only the CHIM®-A Apprentice certificate. After acquiring one year of verifiable live work experience, the apprentice status is lifted. CHIM® certified professionals are required to earn 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) annually.

CEUs: Continuing Education Units

Healthcare Information Management professionals must maintain up-to-date knowledge in their field. This entails ongoing education within their specific discipline, along with staying informed about the most recent updates in medical coding, compliance standards, and governmental regulations. MEDESUN aids its members in sustaining a competitive advantage in their healthcare careers by offering an extensive range of topics and subjects.

Certified CHIM® Professionals receive monthly educational content relevant to Health Information Management and industry updates. CHIM® professionals are required to review these newsletters for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Eligibility : Any Graduation | Training : Classroom or Online

Duration - 3 Months | Study Hours - 220 Hours | Practice - 300 Hours