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Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing Training

No one offers jobs based on how much you spent for education. Spending thousands of $$ does not qualify people for a job.

You need the knowledge and skills with AAPC CPC/AHIMA CCS Certification.

Advantages of Medesun Training

(Browse Craigslist, Dice.com, Monster.com, etc. Everywhere you will find that certifications and experience are a must for a good career) *** Certification alone is not a requirement for job. There are many with jobs who are not certified. Certification is not state or federally mandated; it is optional. Certification is proof of knowledge.

Medesun offers 100% Job-oriented and Certification-oriented training with a AAPC CPC Exam preparation $499. If you don’t get certified, 70% of your fees will be refunded. There is nothing to lose. Take up the challenge.

You need to buy books worth $300 (ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS-2023) we will guide you step by step till you get certified.

Fees: $499 includes

  1. Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing Training
  2. AAPC CPC Exam Preparation
  3. 5 Sets of Sample CPC Papers
  4. Medical Billing Practice-50 Claims
  5. Guide to “Starting Your Home-Based Medical Billing Business”
  6. Guide to “Becoming a Health Claims Assistance Professional”

Online, Self-Paced Training. (Get trained without sacrificing your current job)

Step 1

Complete the training. (You can complete as early as in 3 months, or take the maximum 12 months to finish) Appear for AAPC CPC Exam- Medesun provides 70% Training fee refund policy if CPC Exam is not cleared.

Suggest to complete AAPC Practicode – its online LIVE work internship from AAPC, may cost around 200-249 USD-Optional

After training: Get 6 months-1year job experience.

Most employers need people with experience. That’s true. Employers may not care about the degree/diploma, but they absolutely care about certification and experience.

As every-one wants experience, it can be difficult for the employers to find the resource. You need to prove that you can perform the trial work confidently. Request their trial work. Show your performance.

That’s the reason Medesun has introduced Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing Training at an affordable cost. Don’t spend a fortune. We are offering job-oriented and certification-oriented training.

Do some research and analyse, the requirements for the job yourself. You’ll see we provide what you need to.

Apply for jobs and enroll in job portals
Click here for 70% refund policies

Step 2

Appear for the AHIMA CCS/AAPC CIC Exam- Inpatient coding salaries starts from 40-60 USD per hour

Medesun will provide the hospital coding training @ 599 USD after your CPC Exam

Step 3

After 2-3 years prepare for speciality medical coding exams, such as EM coding, Radiology coding etc. ( 24 Months)

MEDESUN will provide you the business oppurtuity, open Medesun Franchise. Click this link and read the what the Bureau of Labor Statistics says


Note: There are many federal programs available to help sponsor for your education. Please do some research and make a decision to change your life. Medesun training is not approved, so you may not qualify for all study loans.

If you don’t want to interact with patients: Medical Coding is good for you

If you love to interact with patients and have good communication skills: Medical Billing is good for you

[ Medical Coding knowledge is a must for Medical Billers. Without Medical Coding knowledge, Medical Billers only do data entry. There is no excitement in the job]

If you don’t want to work long hours on a computer, medical coding is suggested.

If you are passionate about the studying, and have a love for medical terminology: Medical Coding is best for you

The information is not legal advice. Please consult your career counselor before choosing a career path.

Any questions, please email me drg@medesun.com

Medesun Medical coding and Billing Academy featured in Forbes India