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Medesun Certified Instructor MCT™

Appreciate your interest in Medesun Certified Instructor Certiifcation to start your own business in medical coding training.

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Healthcare service sector is going to witness huge increase in job opportunities. Healthcare reforms, insurance policies etc brings more opportunity. ONLY FOR CERTIFIED MEDICAL CODERS

MEDESUN healthcare solutions provides you the opportunity to start your own business in education & offer career-training courses in Medical coding, Medical Billing, Health Information Management, HL7, EMR etc.

As more & more students are choosing to specialize in various skills, the education sector promises consistent growth.

Thus, starting your own training institute is a profitable & secure business opportunity. Partner with MEDESUN Learning and set up your own education business.

  • Certified Medical Coders-Start your own business- Earn upto 3000-5000 USD per month.

     MEDESUN is a leaders Medical coding education since 2004.

  • MEDESUN provides you the Brand Reputation, technical know how, Curriculum, industry-relevant courseware & academic delivery methodology, Marketing support in terms of ad campaigns, brochures, Internet marketing, Training of the centre's faculty and staff.

  • Become Medesun Certified Instructor for Medical Coding and Medical Billing Training.

This offer is for certified medical coders only.

  • Medesun provides the following for Medesun Certified Instructors
  • Medesun Certified Instructor Certificate
  • Free FHIM Training and Certification-FHIM
  • Medesun Medical coding training material
  • License for 50 students to teach Online and Classroom
  • FIMC ( Fellowship in Medical Coding) for all students
  • Dedicated Website for each instructor
  • Online Access to Learning managing system for each student trained by Medesun Certified Instructor
  • Instructor KIT to start your own Medical coding training school
  • Free Marketing by Medesun
  • Lead generation support by Medesun

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