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EM Auditing

Evaluation and Management Coding and Auditing Services

EM coding is crucial for the appropriate reimbursing for physician services.

Common Coding Errors

" If not documented, it's not done"

EM coding is more complex, as may factors need to be analysed. Medical Decision Making is the difficult part. Accurate coding of MDM level needs experience and expertise. It's very difficult to get the experience EM coders.

Medesun provides EM coding services, helps you to code appropriately and avoid the potential audits due to up coding.

Medesun team works on outpatient and inpatient visits, audit every record as per EM coding guidelines and educate the physician for the potential documentation errors.

Medesun team of certified coders will code your charts with 24-48 hours

Payments for Evaluation and Management Services - Update from Office of Inspector General - Fiscal Year 2011 Work Plan Medicare Part A and Part B - Page 1 -14

We will review the extent of potentially inappropriate payments for E&M services and the consistency of E&M medical review determinations. CMS's Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Pub. No. 100§04, ch. 12, § 30.6.1 instructs providers to "select the code for the service based upon the content of the service" and says that "documentation should support the level of service reported." Medicare contractors have noted an increased frequency of medical records with identical documentation across services. We will also review multiple E&M services for the same providers and beneficiaries to identify electronic health records (EHR) documentation practices associated with potentially improper payments.

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