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Medical Coding Training

Quickly prepares you for a professional career

Medesun Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing training program provides you with the training and practical experience you need to develop the skills necessary to work as a medical coding and billing professional.

Prepares you to perfection to pass national medical coding certification exams

Covers the complete syllabus and meets requirements for both the AHIMA and AAPC certification exams, including the CCA, CPC, and CPC-H. As a certified coder, you will be in high demand in the job market.

Instructors with Onsite/Real time experience and Certified in the field.

Instructors have "been there, done that" and know not only what it takes to create career opportunities in your field of interest but also how you'll be able to apply your industry-current education once you make your move.

Career-focused training programs with concentrations to help you build relevant credentials

In today's competitive job market, advanced education can be an excellent way to enhance your qualifications to pursue your professional dreams. At Medesun we offer certification training to help students add to their credentials by acquiring applicable, real-world knowledge and skills in their field of interest.

  • Fully prepares you for advancement opportunities
  • Industry Renowned Training
  • Affordable
  • Personal Student & post training Support
  • CPC/CMBS/CHA/CCAT/CPAT exam boot camps
  • 100% job oriented and Certification oriented training
  • Hundreds of practice questions and answers with rationale
  • Course Completion certificate

Medesun training program will provide the student with the knowledge and understanding to analyze medical records and assign codes to classify diagnoses and procedures while applying the principles of professional and ethical conduct.

Experienced medical coders make great money because properly coded medical reports mean more income for the doctor.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare students academically, personally and professionally for successful careers in their chosen fields.

Skills of a Medical Coder

1. Medical Coding is a skilled job 2. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology is must 3. The coder must carefully read the doctor's and nurse's notes to determine exactly what services the patient received 4. The coder must also understand private payer policies and government regulations for accurate coding and billing. 5. Inaccurate or incomplete coding costs the average doctor thousands of dollars a year in lost payments 6. Without competent coders, providers run the risk of losing revenue. 7. Medical Coders should learn about the HIPAA compliance 8. Medical Coders must follow ethics in coding 9. Should have complete understanding of Bundling and Unbundling 10. Should be expert in EM coding 11. Should be proficient in Medical Billing Guidelines 12. Should know the importance of coding the conditions that effect the Risk Adjustment 13. Medical coders must be DETAIL oriented 14. Medical coders should have good communication skills 15. Medical coders should master more than one coding speciality 16. Medical coders should be proficient in Coding Guidelines 17. Medical coders should be proficient in using the modifiers 18. Being a professional is also very important in medical billing and coding 19. Much of the information a medical billing and coding specialist handles is confidential. Ensure confidentiality and security 20. Able to manage stress. This profession requires long hours. It is a very stressful job. Hence, if you want to be in this field, you have to know how to manage stress while performing your duties.

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The Recognized Leader in Medical Coding, Billing, ICD-10, HL7 Training. The Only Authorized ICD-10 Trainer in India. WORLD RECORD TRAINER WITH 42 CERTIFICATIONS Trainer/Author: Dr. Guptha, CCS-P, CCS , CPC, COC, CIC, CPC-P, CRC, CCC, CPCO, CANPC, CPB, CPMA, CEMC, CEDC, CIMC, CFPC, CUC, COBGC, CPCD, COSC, CPRC, CPEDC, CHONC, CENTC, CRHC, CGIC, CASCC, CGSC, CSFAC, CCVTC, RMC, RMA, CMBS, CMRS, CSCS, CSBB, FCR, FNR, FOR, CHA, CHL7, AHIMA Approved ICD-10 Trainer, AHIMA ICD-10 Ambassador, India.

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