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Medical Billing Training

  • Day1-2
    Introduction to Medical Billing
    About Medical Billing

    The Basics Overview:
    Gathering & Entering Data, Paper Claims Processing, Electronic Claims Processing, Posting Payments, Generating Reports, Billing Your Clients

    Types of Insurance Coverage:
    Group Health, Individual Policies, Medicare, Medicaid, Personal Injury (PIP), Workers Compensation, Tricare

  • Day3-4
    Procedures and Diagnoses

    Insurance Claim Processing, Claim Payment, Report Generation

  • Day5-7
    Understanding Office Forms

    Essential Office Forms(Patient Demographic Form and Completion, Insurance Cards, Insurance Verification Form and Verification Procedures, Superbill, Daysheet), Examining Insurance Cards, Insurance Verification Process, Mock Insurance Verification Conversations, Insurance Verification Exercises

  • Day8-10
    The Superbill/Encounter Document

    Calculating Co-paymentss & Deductibles

  • Day11-13
    Understanding the CMS 1500 Form

    The Basics of the CMS 1500 Form, Box by Box Breakdown of the CMS 1500 Form, Step-By-Step Instructions for Completing a CMS 1500, Online CMS Form Completion Exercises, Billing Tips Commonly Made Errors

  • Day14-18
    Understanding Codes

    Definition, Proper Usage, Resource & Reference Material

    ICD (International Classification of Disease) Coding

    Definition, Proper Usage, Resource & Reference Material

  • Day19-20
    The Life Cycle of an Insurance Claim
    The Time-Line of an Insurance Claim

    The Collection of Claim Data

    Patient Demographics, Guarantor Information & Handling, Insurance Coverage Information, Patient Condition Information Patient Treatment Information, Clinic Billing Information

    Claim Information Data Entry

    Claim Submission

    Paper Claims, Electronic Claims, Secondary Claims, Claims Attachments

    Receiving & Posting Payments

    Full Payment, Partial Payment, Deductible

  • Day20-25
    Working with Billing/Practice Management Software

    Basic Components of Billing Applications Clinic Data: Billing Identification Numbers

    Physician DataTax ID, UPIN, License Numbers, Assignment

    Patient Data Demographics Information, Insurance Information, Procedure Information, Diagnosis Information

    Claim Generation: Charge Entry, Payment Entry, Financial Adjustments, Transaction Notes

    Electronic & Paper Claims, Calculating Co-paymentss & Deductibles, 100 Co-payments & Deductibles Problems & Answers,
    Chapter AC3: Understanding Workers' Compensation

    Introduction to Workers Compensation: Medical Claims, Temporary Disability, Permanent Disability, Vocational Rehabilitation, Survivor Benefits

    Federal Workers Compensation Overview & Claim Filing, State Workers Compensation Overview & Claim Filing, First Report of Injury

    CMS 1500 Completion for Workers Compensation Claims: Box by Box Instruction

    Appeals & Adjudication, Fraud & Abuse, Tips for Successful Workers Compensation Claim Filing & Handling

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